The Biggest Mistake of the Beginning Affiliate Marketer


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The biggest mistake of the beginning affiliate marketer is failure to build a real business.

How is that?

Typically, what the beginner does is pick out a few affiliate offers that look good (or were recommended as having a good return), and either works really hard (SEO & free traffic methods) or spends some money (paid traffic) sending traffic to those affiliate offers. With some luck, the result is some fairly good income. In fact, you can start making a couple of hundred dollars per day, after expenses, in a month or so with that approach.

Not bad, eh? But there is a problem. More than one, actually.

Problem #1

It doesn’t scale very well.

Oh, it’ll scale some, but you have to either ramp up the ad spend (for paid traffic) or ramp up the time spend (SEO & free traffic). Since it’s pretty easy to see that there is a stiff upper limit on time available, you will probably opt to spend more money. That will ramp some — just churn some of your earning back into promoting more and more offers. But that leads to…

Problem #2

More than one marketer has been caught in the trap where he (or she) ramped up the ad spend, and churned faster and faster, only to suddenly discover that one or more of the biggest moneymakers simply disappeared one night. Sarah Staar tells of being stuck with a $10,000 AdWords bill after her biggest selling product vanished suddenly in a legal dispute.

The basic mistake here is failure to build a real business. A real business is one that you spend some time and effort getting started, but then either runs itself (for a while, anyway), or you can hire somebody to run it for you and still make money.

Rather than go into the details on just how to do that, I’m going to refer you to a free video (about an hour long) in which Sarah Staar explains exactly how to do that.

Yes, there is an opt-in (naturally). If you don’t want to get on the email list, you can use a throw-away. But then you will miss out on a lot of good stuff.

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