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Online Arbitrage by Chris Green

If the high price of Online Arbitrage is a put-off, there is a good chance that this business model is not for you. Continue reading

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Brute-Force Login Attempts

In my last post, I talked mainly about backups of your own local PC. In this post, I am going to talk in more general terms about how protect the work you have done on your WordPress site. Continue reading

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Backup, Backup, & Backup

You want to be able to recover from a webhack, and you want to be able to recover from your own errors. There is one more thing you need to back up, namely, your power. If you have a laptop with a battery that is in good shape and charged, then you may not need a UPS (although I still run mine on one when I’m at the house, because of the extra surge protection, and I can finish or shut down a print job when the power goes out). But if you have a desktop system (I have several, because I have some fairly compute-intensive applications, like video editing, that I do frequently), then you definitely need a UPS. Continue reading

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