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It’s SO Simple, anyone…

I was browsing LinkedIn when I came across a very interesting post by Gordon (Gordy) Curphy, PhD, citing a Bartelby article in The Economist. The Economist article is behind a paywall, so I won’t be linking to it. But as … Continue reading

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Interview with Rob Temple

I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Rob Temple, a successful Internet Marketer in London, on December 5th, 2018. I’ve learned something new every time I have ever listened to Rob, and this session was no exception. I also heard … Continue reading

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Have you gotten the “Kiss of Death” from Facebook Yet?

Facebook has been acting a bit strange lately. Or at least, “different.” I started noticing that one of my “fan” pages consistently gets very sluggish and unresponsive, at least until I respond to a “notice” that tells me that if … Continue reading

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SEO is Still a Fool’s Game

I was asked to do a presentation for the North Texas PC Users Group, which I did yesterday (Saturday October 22nd, 2016). I had spoken there about SEO a couple of years ago, and there was a recent major course … Continue reading

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Securing WordPress

I have written about various ways to help secure your website before. Backup of your site is probably the most important of all the things you can do to protect your site.  But there are some things you can do … Continue reading

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How to Get Sued for Using an Image You Found Online

There are lots of places on the Internet where you can get images. But if you aren’t careful (or you just don’t know what you are doing), you can wind up in serious (and expensive) legal trouble for improperly using … Continue reading

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How Much Does FREE Cost?

About 5 decades ago, Robert A. Heinlein popularized the term TANSTAAFL in his book, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which I read back when I was in high school (and the book had been recently published). It is my … Continue reading

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Getting Royalty-Free Images

One problem nearly everyone runs into when starting a blog or newsletter is finding suitable images. Images that relate to the topic of your article or newsletter help a lot with reader engagement. If you look over the articles on … Continue reading

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More Traffic = MORE Money

Traffic is a subject that’s been beaten to death, and for good reason. Everyone is looking for it – Internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies and even BIG multimillion-dollar corporations. There’s a “traffic war” out there. …And everyone is fighting for … Continue reading

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Yet Another New Scam: Larry’s Cash Machine

Wow. Just. Wow. This new scam has been blasting its way into my inbox, starting about 3 days ago. I’ve even been getting it from various Internet marketers that really should know better. The appeal is pretty strong — FREE … Continue reading

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