Yet Another New Scam: Larry’s Cash Machine

innumeracyWow. Just. Wow.

This new scam has been blasting its way into my inbox, starting about 3 days ago. I’ve even been getting it from various Internet marketers that really should know better.

The appeal is pretty strong — FREE MONEY!!!

It’s shrouded in a lot of meaningless financial jargon double-talk. It’s aimed squarely at the innumerati. Which includes about 85% of the population. If you think Larry’s Cash Machine is a really good idea, you are in that 85%. And you are in serious danger of getting screwed because of that.

It’s featured in a really slick video featuring a “waitress” in a “bad part of town” who has to work at a job she hates, until she is exposed to the “magic” of Larry’s Cash Machine. Slick, but if you are observant, obviously thoroughly fake. As in staged with professional actors and professional camera crew.

No, I didn’t bite. And, if you are reasonably intelligent (or numerate), neither will you.

If you are tempted, I strongly suggest you get John Allen Paulos’ book (cover featured at the top of this post. In fact, *DON’T* get it on Amazon. Go down to your local public library, and check it out for free — that way you can read in right now, and cut me out of the Amazon commission. Which I really don’t mind.

Oh, and if you think I’m all wet, go back and watch that staged video again, very carefully. Here’s a hint: It looks to me like it was all shot on the same day. Oh, and watch the facial expressions of the “waitress” closely. Very closely.

BTW, you may have identified this post as obvious SEO bait. I confess. It is. But my search for “Larry’s Cash Machine Scam” turned up HUNDREDS of hits of sites specifically designed to bury exactly this sort of article somewhere on page 50+ of the SERPS, so it’s not likely to work. But, if you see and heed my warning, it may save you a ton of grief.

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