Bandwidth Limitations

Conspiracy Theories“The central idea of bandwidth is that people have the capacity to focus on, and to promote and implement, only a subset of the universe of good ideas.” — Cass Sunstein

The name of this blog appears to be a pretty good SEO magnet, which explains why I get several visitors/day despite expending absolutely no effort to advertise or promote this site. The few people who have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog lately might have wondered why.

“I have 5,000 things to do, but I only have time and energy today to do 3,500.” — Bob Bly

It’s mainly a personal bandwidth problem. I have been allocating my bandwidth to things that actually make me money, which this blog does not (although I have other blogs that do). At least, not yet. That means that I write here only when I “come up for air” between other assignments. Today is one of those “come up for air” times.

However, I recognize that this blog has some potential, and I do have some plans for it, even though those plans have been on the back burner for a while.

Stay tuned…

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