Complete FaceBook Domination?

CompleteFBDominationYesterday, I got in on a sale for a product pitched on JVZoo called “Complete FaceBook Domination” which I was able to get for $10. Supposedly it was “normally” sold for $97, and the price was due to go back up Real Soon Now. Incidentally, it’s still up for $10, but there is a countdown timer that seems to indicate that the $10 price ends tomorrow.

Naturally, it had an upsell, downsell, and cross-sell, none of which I ever buy from anybody. Since I dislike that tactic, I’m not planning to use it myself, even though it has been convincingly shown to make more money. There are some things I just won’t do for money, such as MLM, Ponzi schemes, or armed robbery, among other things. Some because they don’t work, others because they are unethical or immoral, and some just because they are distasteful.

But back to the topic at hand., I did buy the “Complete FaceBook Domination” for $10, and I think maybe I got $10 worth of information, but I had to really work for it. It was a really poorly set-up system, starting with the initial access, where the “Access your purchase” –> “Sign up” –> “Get Instant Access” turned out to be an infinite loop which just went back to the “Access your purchase” link on JVZoo.

The actual website and login information arrived in email about 5 minutes later, about the time I was in the process of writing JVZoo support to demand a refund. I had already written to the support desk at the link given in the “Access your purchase” page. Once I got the information, I logged in and poked around one of the most poorly-organized sites I have seen in quite a while. One of the reasons that I had bought “Complete FaceBook Domination” in the first place was a promised bonus of a video-editing course. For $10, I wasn’t expecting all that much, but I figured I might learn something useful, and it is doesn’t really take much useful information to be worth $10.

The promised video editing bonus was nowhere to be found. When I complained to the support folks, I got a reply asking me if I had seen both bonus areas. I replied that I had found THREE bonus areas, none of which had anything to do with video editing. Apparently, they had a bonus area link they did not intend to be attached to this offer. Ironically, it had a video on a subject that did interest me (outsourcing), and was even (marginally) worth about $10.

After the 2nd go-’round with the “support” folks, they quit responding to me at all. EDIT: A few minutes after posting this, I got a response (no, I don’t think they read this article) saying that they planned to fix the problems with the site. Since they are giving away some things I suspect they didn’t intend to, I suspect those extra bonuses will go away shortly.

However, everything I saw on the site looked like something I could have done better. Which I think it might be worth my while to do. The main product was a video on how to sell tee-shirts on FaceBook. I kid thee not. This is “Complete FaceBook Domination”??? The recommendation I would give this product is decidedly luke-warm at best. At $10, it’s ok. At $97, no way.

As it turns out, I am a fan of FaceBook. FB and Youtube are currently the best low-cost sources of traffic available, although I don’t expect that to last very long, due to Lancaster’s Law (which I have mentioned before), which says:

Should a good, reliable and legal way to make lots of money ever be found, it will immediately be taxed, commissioned, inflated, odd­ lotted, pointed, bid-asked differentialed, title insured, closing costed, restricted, termite sprayed and otherwise stomped upon to make it as bad as all the rest.

If you want a really good beginner’s guide to starting out, I would recommend Sarah Staar’s free introductory course on how to sell affiliate products. It has most of the actual information in “Complete FaceBook Domination” (minus the details on tee-shirts), plus a lot more.

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