Backup, Backup, & Backup

You want to be able to recover from a webhack, and you want to be able to recover from your own errors. There is one more thing you need to back up, namely, your power. If you have a laptop with a battery that is in good shape and charged, then you may not need a UPS (although I still run mine on one when I'm at the house, because of the extra surge protection, and I can finish or shut down a print job when the power goes out). But if you have a desktop system (I have several, because I have some fairly compute-intensive applications, like video editing, that I do frequently), then you definitely need a UPS. Read more [...]
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Massive Distributed Brute-Force WordPress Site Attack

On Saturday morning, I awoke to several thousand messages in my inbox telling me of unsuccessful login attempts to "admin" for nearly all of my WordPress sites (I have over 50). I opened a ticket to my hosting company, and learned that I was not being singled out. There is an on-going, massive distributed Read more [...]
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Inside Adsense

For many years, the concept behind Adsense has fascinated thousands upon thousands of marketers because it seems relatively easy to profit from. And Google makes a fortune perpetuating that illusion. Once upon a time, it really was easy to slap together a spammy-looking mini-site with some AdSense, and Read more [...]
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To Backlink, or Not to Backlink

I think it's still worthwhile to get a few backlinks to jumpstart your traffic, as long as you don't consider that to be your major traffic strategy. I have used the service of SocialAdr to good effect for the last several years, and if you don't overuse their service, it can give a significant boost to your initial traffic efforts. Read more [...]
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Where to get Traffic — The YouTube HiJack

If you have been following this blog, you already know my opinion on "free" (SEO) traffic, especially from Google. In a nutshell, SEO traffic can be the most expensive and least effective traffic available. In addition to being incredibly fickle, the latest set of Google's rules allows your competition Read more [...]
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Getting Images for Your Blog

Photos add a significant amount of engagement of your readership. You'll note that I have at least one image in every post I write. In order to reduce the amount of hosting space and speed up loading, I always resize the images to 300 pixels in the maximum dimension before I upload them. For this, I Read more [...]
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Don’t Depend on Google (Rant)

If you depend on Google for anything important, you are setting yourself up to be screwed. Read more [...]
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What do You Get From an IM Course?

I got an interesting question this morning -- from my first "guru," Martin Avis. I am profoundly flattered! Hi Howard, I know that you have been through Sarah's affiliate training program and thought highly of it. As I haven't had the pleasure of taking the course myself - and as Sarah is out of Read more [...]
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The Biggest Mistake of the Beginning Affiliate Marketer

The biggest mistake of the beginning affiliate marketer is failure to build a real business. How is that? Typically, what the beginner does is pick out a few affiliate offers that look good (or were recommended as having a good return), and either works really hard (SEO & free traffic methods) Read more [...]
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Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways of making money on the internet. The best way (that I know of) is to sell your own products and services. That, of course, assumes that you have your own products and services to sell. If you are just starting out, there is a good chance that you don't have any of your own stuff Read more [...]
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