Ringing Out The Old

NewYearOldYearI have deliberately avoided any public mention of commercial holidays (which is, roughly speaking, all of them) in this blog, although in several of my other businesses, I make a fairly big deal of them. In one of my businesses, I generally make more money in the 4th quarter than I do in the other 3 combined, and a lot of my other sales are built around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (& Father’s Day, but that one doesn’t generate nearly as much commercial interest as Mother’s Day for some reason — Maybe you Dads out there need to up your game a bit), Labor Day (yeah, I skipped 4th of July; it’s mostly a dud), and Thanksgiving.

You might consider me a cynic. Which is probably a pretty accurate assessment. I don’t think you can be in the “make money on the Internet” business for very long before you develop a protective layer of cynicism.

I have several things on my to-do list for the New Year, but none of them are what I would consider “resolutions.” The last time I made a New Year’s Resolution was in 1990, and that was to quit making New Year’s Resolutions. And that one was the only one I have ever kept long-term.

That doesn’t mean that I have quit making plans or setting goals, it just means that I don’t tie any of them to an arbitrary holiday.

My wife and I plan to ring in New Year’s Day in the manner we have done for several years now, namely, we will be going to bed early, and not setting the alarm clock. And probably not much else, since the weather forecast for this area of North Texas is bleak and icy tonight and tomorrow.

I hope that you have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Day. And if you choose to go out and party, please make backup plans for getting home safely.

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