$200/Day Blueprint

200aDayIf you could make $200/day passive(*) income, how would that change your life?

The $200/day mark is a significant first hurdle for anyone trying to sell stuff online. It typically takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to reach that point, and more thanĀ 95% of all would-be IM’ers give up before they reach that point.

But once you get to $200/day, you have all the knowledge and tools needed to expand well past that income.

Sarah Staar has produced a video course consisting of 10 recordings that she made of a live seminar she did in London to a group of people who paid over $1000 each to sit in her class. And you can have access to those recordings for less than the price of pizza delivery.

The course is $12, and goes through the steps and resources needed to reach the $200/day hurdle, and does more than just show you how to sell affiliate products in just about any niche — it also shows you how to create your own products, and set up a sales funnel that will take you well past that initial $200/day hurdle. It will also show you how to do it in substantially less than 6-12 months.

Now, I should warn you that in order to implement the methods shown in this course, you will either have to put in some significant time, or invest some money in some automation tools, which will save you some of that time.

If you go the automation tools route, you will need to invest anywhere from $50 to $500 up front, depending on just how much automation you want (believe me, you will eventually want as much automation as you can get — it will boost your income and reduce the amount of time spent making it!). And you will still need to put in 20-30 hours learning and implementing.

If you go the sweat-equity route (which is understandable if you are just starting out), you will need to budget anywhere from 50-80 hours, about 20 of which is watching and re-watching the videos and taking notes.

Either route will get you there, but the automation tools route will get you there faster.

But $12 is all you need to get started.

(*) When I say passive, that doesn’t mean that you can just click a button and start having the cash roll in. You will need to spend the time learning and implementing the system, and you may have to buy some additional tools to reduce the amount of work. You will also need to occasionally do additional maintenance to keep things running smoothly, and you will probably have to occasionally change things to keep up with changes on the Internet. There is no such thing as a 100% passive income in Internet marketing, and anyone who claims there is, is lying to you. That said, Sarah will show you ways to reduce that ongoing effort to a very low level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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