Have I Been Doing it all Wrong?

CommissionMachineLogoWell, maybe. I just experienced a wake-up call.

Yesterday, I bought Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine. Just after I bought it, the price increased (whew, just under the wire!), and is due to go up again in a few days. Knowing what I now know, if I had it to do over again, I would have purchased it when I first heard about it instead of waiting until just before the price-increase deadline.

I spent most of the evening and a couple of hours this morning going through the course. Mr. Chaney’s approach differs from mine — a lot, and it’s worth noting that his approach is working better than mine, so I’m definitely compelled to try his way.

Click here to get Cheney’s Commission Machine before the price goes up again.

What is in the Commission Machine?

Basically, he shows (and give detailed explanations of) the methods he uses to sell affiliate products from JVZoo. For those of you who aren’t familiar with JVZoo, it’s one of the largest affiliate networks out there. While these techniques are specific to JVZoo, I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t work with any affiliate network.

Which brings up one item that Mr. Cheney mentions that I don’t agree with. He says the best niche is the “Internet Marketing” niche. I have personally had much better results in other niches, but again, Mr. Cheney’s approach does appear to be doing much better than mine, so I’m going to give that part a try, too. I might change my mind, but I doubt it. Really, now… if EVERYBODY goes into the “Internet Marketing” niche, it’ll be a lot like the old joke about old women making a living by taking in each others’ laundry. Besides, it looks to me like the ideas in this course would be just as applicable in other niches.

The basic course contains 7 videos, which will take you about 3 hours to watch from start to finish. The first time. You will definitely want to view them more than once. I will be going back through them today, taking copious notes, which I expect to take longer than 3 hours.

Here’s the general outline:

  • Video 1 is a short intro which mainly admonishes you to watch the whole series in order, and not to skip around. That turns out to be sound advice. Just do it.
  • Video 2 (28 minutes) covers some basic research you need to do to select suitable products on JVZoo. There are some interesting nuggets of information that the folks at JVZoo did not tell me, including some neat shortcuts for avoiding the turkeys. Yes, JVZoo has lots of products you don’t want to sell, and it’s good to have a way to avoid spending any time on those.
  • Video 3 (24 minutes) is about “The Angle.” This is similar to the “Unique Selling Proposition,” but he puts a different spin on it, and gives some actionable advice on how to find your “angle.”
  • Video 4 (24 minutes) is about persuasion techniques. This is probably the place that I have been the weakest.
  • Video 5 (at 47 minutes, is the longest) goes into how to write emails that are interesting enough to entice readers to open and act upon. Here again, Mr. Cheney contradicts the advice I’ve seen from other IM “gurus,” but given his track record, I’m just going to have to try it his way to see if it works for me.
  • Video 6 (28 minutes) is about deployment of your email messages. He has a specific recommendation for which email provider to use, but here, I think I’ll stick with the one I am already using. Of course, I may switch if I see a compelling reason to do so, but I think all of the top email services are comparable.
  • Video 7 (13 minutes) was the one I found most interesting. In this video, Mr. Cheney covers his “no-list” method (which, incidentally, is also a good technique to use in addition to a list if you have one). I saw some techniques that I will definitely be using here on this site, as well as on FaceBook and some other places.

Notably, he does not do much coverage of traffic, SEO, and keyword research. He concentrates on the ideas that will increase the effectiveness of what you are already doing on those fronts. It would also appear that Mr. Cheney, like me, doesn’t really care much abut SEO anyway. I have mentioned some ways to get more traffic elsewhere.

Naturally, there are upsells. I saw them, and passed them up. As it turns out, I will be going back to get at least one of them. Fortunately, none of the upsells are a “One-Time-Offer” (OTO), so you don’t really have to get them right away. So I would recommend that you skip them, like I did, until after you have gone through the whole basic course first. Then, you will have a much better idea of which of the upsells you want (if any).

Despite my minor disagreements (and I freely admit that I may well change my mind about any or all of them), I think that Commission Machine is a really good product, and definitely worth your time.

While it’s worth even more than his planned full price, you’re going to be kicking yourself if you miss this chance at a substantial savings. It’ll still be there later. It will just cost a lot more.

So, click here to get it before the price goes up. (Again.)

P.S. Why am I encouraging people to go into competition with me? Simple: The Internet is a Big Place. There is plenty of room out there for you.

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