Don’t Pay for SEO!

DontPayForSEOI’ve already published a couple of articles on SEO, and why it is basically a fool’s game. I wasn’t really going to write another, since I felt that I pretty much felt I had said my piece. However, I was discussing the possibility of presenting another topic for the North Texas PC Users Group, and the topic of SEO came up, and it was decided that it would make for an interesting presentation.

I did a presentation last month on website security. For that presentation, I did it “live” via Skype. While it wasn’t a total disaster, it had way too many “Can you hear me now?” moments, due to bandwidth problems on both ends (I’m currently stuck with Time-Warner Cable for the next 3 months, which I mentioned in my previous article). I ended up re-recording the whole thing before posting it.

This time, I worked up the PowerPoint deck and just recorded the whole thing prior to the meeting. I was going to Skype in for a Q&A, but that didn’t happen (and I’m not sure why). Even though the video below pretty much re-hashes what I’ve already written about the subject, it does have a few new points — along with a very important point on one of the slides that I didn’t even cover in the presentation.

If you should catch that omission, and want to know more about it — or if you would like to ask a question about anything else I covered in the presentation, please feel free to ask using the contact form. Right now, I’m still having to deal with that massive brute-force login attack, so I have the subscriber login screen locked down so that nobody (but me, of course) can even get to it. There are some less onerous alternatives, but I haven’t gotten around to implementing them yet.

If you post a question, I will either edit it into this post, or if I get enough questions, I’ll do a new post around them.

Here are some links that I mentioned in the video:

Thanks for watching!

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