Some W00t! Milestones

Blogging201Today, I had two interesting things happen. One was that a prominent blogger (in another niche) asked me to create a subscriber account, which I did. I found it quite an honor, since I have followed her blog for a long time — and occasionally commented on it (under several different aliases). And a bit of a surprise, since she was also the very first person to request a subscriber account since I shut down the subscriber link back in January. Back then, I was letting just anybody register, and I was getting several dozen spam registrations every day, and hundreds of splogger comments, which I basically got tired of deleting.

As I mentioned, I know the lady who just signed up, and she is an excellent and thoughtful writer. I hope that she chooses to comment on my blog. I have not put in a backlink to her site, since it is not in a related niche, and such a backlink could actually detract from both of our sites.

The second W00t! moment was that after I added her to my user list, I decided to check the stats for this blog. I was startled when I saw that I have gone over 100 visitors/day, and the traffic has been slowly and steadily growing over the last few months. Not too bad for a blog on which I do almost no SEO! I haven’t even posted very often here.

I had not checked the traffic stats in quite a while, since I really did not expect that kind of growth this early in the game, and frankly, I’ve been really busy with other websites (some of which get several times as much traffic as this one, and actually make money already). However, the 100 visitors/day is sort of a magic threshold. It’s a signal that it’s time to start a new phase with this blog (and to start paying more attention to what’s going on here).

Stay tuned!

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