Hiring a Virtual Assitant

Hiring a VA

A video I made about hiring a virtual assistant

I was invited to do another remote presentation to the North Texas PC Users Group (I’m still a member, even though I have moved to Oklahoma), this time on my experience with hiring a GVA, or general virtual assistant. So I arranged with one of the members there to connect using Zoom (Zoom for #teleconferencing, beats Skype and G+H, free plan available, see http://bit.ly/22D5UtB).

There are some technical errors in the video, some of which are on the other end (the folks on the other end need a better microphone, preferably with an on/off switch, which would eliminate the feedback and background noise), and I forgot to switch off the desktop sharing when we went to Q&A. That meant some extra work in post-processing, at which I’m not terribly skilled (although I have a grandson who definitely is skilled with the video editor I use — Sony Vegas HD 11 — maybe I can get him to tutor me :).

One of the problems that you will notice, especially in the Q&A section, is that the audio quality on the other end was poor enough that I did not understand all of the questions. However, we managed to get through the presentation, and it was well-received. I expect that as I continue to do these sorts of videos, I will continue to improve.


This is one of the topics that I plan to include in my making money blogging course, assuming that I actually get around to doing it. The response to my initial foray into that particular niche was a bit underwhelming, so it’s on the back burner. I have too many other things to do that actually make me money, so unless I discover some demand for the course I have in mind, I probably won’t bother.




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