I Just Hung Up On Alex Jeffreys

Either I'm just getting grumpy in my old age, or I'm getting to be intolerant of the webinar sales spiel formula. Whichever it is, I signed up for the "[LAST CHANCE] The Most Important Webinar You Will Attend This Year To Make 2015 The Best Year of Your Life" -- or as he put it: "[LAST CHANCE] The Read more [...]
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Yet Another New Scam: Larry’s Cash Machine

Wow. Just. Wow. This new scam has been blasting its way into my inbox, starting about 3 days ago. I've even been getting it from various Internet marketers that really should know better. The appeal is pretty strong -- FREE MONEY!!! It's shrouded in a lot of meaningless financial jargon double-talk. Read more [...]
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Do You Need WordPress Hosting?

If you are just starting out, or you have run into difficulties with WordPress, you might wonder if what you need is on of the "WordPress Hosting" services you see advertised. My answer is, "Almost certainly not." Although you will see special "WordPress Hosting" services heavily advertised, and Read more [...]
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So Far, So Bad

I've added enough content to the site that it should be time for me to start seeing a little bit of organic search traffic. Or so I thought. According to StatPress Visitors, I'm getting about 100 hits per day, but I don't think I'm getting any organic search (from Google) traffic at all, at least Read more [...]
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Ringing Out The Old

I have deliberately avoided any public mention of commercial holidays (which is, roughly speaking, all of them) in this blog, although in several of my other businesses, I make a fairly big deal of them. In one of my businesses, I generally make more money in the 4th quarter than I do in the other 3 Read more [...]
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Skype Video Recording

I have toyed around with doing interviews on Skype on some of the sites, and the results have been somewhat less than wonderful. The interviews themselves were great, and actually got some good traffic in return for the information presented. And doing video interviews is a super method of "borrowing Read more [...]
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The Big Bing Theory

On Monday (December 1st, 2014), the Mozilla folks released a new version of FireFox. Yeah, big whoop-de-do. But wait...there's more! This particular release replaced Google with Yahoo! as the default search engine. Yahoo! announced recently that they have given up on trying to compete in the search engine Read more [...]
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Traffic Mastermind

If you have done some affiliate marketing, and have an established site that is getting a bit of traffic, then this free video should definitely interest you (and you can probably skip the OTO). This free video (nearly two hours long) is a recording of a meeting in London of some top Internet marketers Read more [...]
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Complete FaceBook Domination?

Yesterday, I got in on a sale for a product pitched on JVZoo called "Complete FaceBook Domination" which I was able to get for $10. Supposedly it was "normally" sold for $97, and the price was due to go back up Real Soon Now. Incidentally, it's still up for $10, but there is a countdown timer that seems Read more [...]
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The “Get Rich Quick” Scam Formula

Over on The Verge, there is an interesting article entitled Scamworld: 'Get rich quick' schemes mutate into an online monster. What made it really interesting is that the author of the article, Joseph L. Flatley, took on some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing world, including the Read more [...]
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